Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Saturday's Wedding

I did a wedding this past Saturday, which thankfully went very well. I was very apprehensive about the thought of diving into a full days work so soon after the trauma of Sandi's death. The anxiety leading up to the wedding was strong. As part of my healing process, I was determined to successfully get through it though, especially since it was the most important day of Sara and Chris's lives. I had a great support system from my second photographer, Michal-Kathryn, who also captured some amazing images. The wedding was in Rochester and the reception was at Casa Larga Vineyard in Perinton.

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Sara & Chris Miller said...

Steve--Through your and Michal-Kathryn's photography on Saturday, you've provided us with the remarkable images that will serve to remind us of the wonderful memories of the day...for many years to come.

We very much appreciate your strength on Nov. 17 and hope that the fond memories of your sister-in-law will help ease the pain of your loss.

Thank you again.

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