Monday, November 19, 2007

Baby Lee

My sister in law Crystal is 7 1/2 months pregnant, and they came to visit us this weekend from Florida. Quite a climate change for the little bambino.
We snuck away from all of the family and cooking frenzy to the studio on Saturday for some much needed girl time.
Every pregnant women should be pampered and made to feel beautiful-beacaue they are (Not because I've been a pregnant oom-pa-loompa twice:)
So here are a few shots from our sneeky session on Saturday. She is so tiny and cute. Her belly is just this little basketball.
We even grabbed a few shots with daddy at my home on Sunday before their return flight to sunny Florida.
Thank you Crystal and Kevin, we all love seeing you two. We can't wait for Baby Lee!

~Amanda Lee


Crystal Lee said...

The pictures turned out beatiful. Thank-you for making me feel special. I will always remember our photo session as a major highlight of this pregnancy. Thank-you for the happy mommy moment. It means so much to me.

aunt kare said...

how come we never looked that good when we were pregnant?

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