Friday, November 16, 2007

Getting Back to Normal?

What is normal? Normal will never be the same again without Sandi, so how do we know when we've gotten back to it? I have ventured in to the studio the past few days with mixed results. I've done a few photo shoots and also spent a lot of time looking at my computer wondering what I was about to do.

I have been struggling with the concept of announcing upcoming events, like our Santa photos. People are calling the studio inquiring about when we will be doing our Santa shoot, which we have set up, but I don't feel right about making a big deal of it. I know we have to keep moving forward though. Sandi would have wanted us to.

So for now, here are the details. I will create a nice banner for it for the website soon. On December 2 we will be doing our traditional Santa photos at the studio from 11:00-2:00. There is no appointment necessary. From 2:30-5:00 we are doing more intimate portraits with Santa that people can sign up for. They will get a 1/2 hour session of which 15 minutes will be a portrait session with Santa to do creative photos instead of the typical lap photos, and the other 15 minutes will be a family session with a fireplace background.

We will also be doing photos with Santa in Geneseo, Arkport and Letchworth State Park with details to follow.

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Greg Gdowski said...

Dear Steve,
Ever since my wife's dad died in 2001, she has always told me that I will never know what its like until I've suffered a similar loss. I really loved her dad and have really missed him tremendously.
Consequently, I have really feared the death of my own parents. I've learned to really appreciate the time I have with them. Both of us will always shed a tear when we think of Sandi. It wouldn't be normal if you didn't. Our memories of Sandi wont go away. We can only hope that she is watching over us as we enjoy our time with others that are important in our lives.

On a different note.... I don't think I would have ever have wandered onto your pages if it wasn't for Sandi. I have to say that my appreciation for photography has grown well beyond what I can snap with my silly little digital camera. I am really impressed with your work. You have taken some really stunning shots. At some point I'd like to bring our dogs down for a shoot. Those blankets look really neat (but perhaps its the artwork I saw on it that caught my eye).

you take care...
give Aero a hug for me.
I know several others that are really going to miss Sandi and him at class this sunday. It really will be a tough day.

-Greg Gdowski

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