Thursday, July 15, 2010


Four P-51 Mustangs approached from the south, cruising by 500 feet above the grass landing strip. Nobody uttered a word as "Taps" played in the background. At the center of the strip, one of the Mustangs pointed the nose toward the sky and banked away from the others for the missing man formation. I've never served in the military, but I am eternally grateful for those who have to preserve my freedom, especially those who have paid the ultimate price for it.
We were at the Geneseo Air Show this past weekend, which was an amazing display of military and aerobatic aircraft from World War One through the present. The highlight of the day was an incredible display of power with a flight demonstration of an Air Force F-16. There is no sound quite like it on earth than a fighter going by at just under the speed of sound with full afterburners on. It is the pure definition of American pride.

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