Monday, July 19, 2010

Heather and Jon

We had a great time this past weekend with back-to-back weddings in Geneva, the first at Ventosa Vineyard on Saturday and then Belhurst Castle on Sunday. On Saturday, Steve and I spent the day with Heather and Jon. Their ceremony, held at St. Francis in Geneva, was performed by a good friend of theirs who was actually doing his first ever wedding. He's a Deacon and will soon be ordained as a Priest.
Heather is a regular visitor to my blog and Facebook page, so I already felt like I was coming to a friends wedding even though we only met face-to-face a handful of times.
During the reception at Ventosa, we were treated to a beautiful thunderstorm approaching from across Seneca Lake. It was awesome to watch it grow as it got closer with huge bolts of lightning arching toward the ground from high above the base of the clouds. It was awesome to watch until it arrived. When it did, it came with horizontal rain and winds that resembled a hurricane. Guests ran inside from the covered balcony in a frenzy to escape the torrent. When it was over, we were handed a beautiful sunset.

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Anonymous said...

Steve, that day you asked me what it was like... being on the "other side." I must tell you it definitely seems like a dream. I am looking at your AMAZING works of art, and trying to fathom the idea that I AM IN THESE PICTURES!!!! It doesn't seem real, but yet I remember being there. Does that seem possible?!?!?!?

Thank you again for capturing all of the special moments of our day with such a creative eye. We are looking forward to a lifetime of friendship, and many more sessions together.

Jon and Heather

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