Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nina and Russ

I just finished one of the most amazing weddings I've ever had the privilege of attending. Jess and I drove out to Syracuse to start the day with Nina and Russ. We then headed to Belhurst Castle for an evening reception...

...and now, the rest of the story. Around 6:30, a strong thunderstorm rolled through Geneva knocking out power to Belhurst and the surrounding area. What would have ended most weddings turned into a fairytale here. The band, Prime Time, from Syracuse picked up an acoustic guitar and their brass instruments and refused to be defeated. They gathered on the dance floor and played for the next 3 hours with nothing but candle light and video light from MaryBeth from Video Network Inc. The drummer even came out on the dance floor and was playing on a drum case with his drum sticks. The guests gathered around and listened, danced, sang and partied without skipping a beat. It was one of the most amazing moments of triumph over adversity I've ever seen.


Mary Beth said...

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to improvise on your post about Nina and Russ' wedding reception. It had to be one of the best receptions I have ever done in the 20 years I have been in this business. Despite the power outage, the sprit of 150 people coming together and making the best of a bad situation was beyond anything I have ever witnessed. It was beautiful to watch and record everything unfold. Primetime rose to the occasion and made this reception a hit, even though they didn't have any power to use their instruments. I have a video clip posted on my site of everyone gathered around in the semi dark singing and dancing to nothing but the sounds of
everyones voices.... I was singing as well. This reception ended up going an extra hour longer than originally scheduled, that is how much fun and spiritually filled Belhurst was last night.

It was such a privilege working with you and Jessica yesterday. Your use of light and creativity
are beyond awe inspiring. The slideshow you had set up (battery operated of course) left me with such inspiration to be more creative myself. Thank you for that.

I sincerely hope we get to work together again soon. The pleasure was all mine.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful family.

Marybeth Longo
Video Network, Inc
www.videonetworkinc. com

Steve Chesler said...

Mary Beth,
Thank you. The pleasure was ours. When you get a chance, post a link to your video here.


Nina D'Amico said...

Russ and I have been out of town for the past month on our honeymoon and then a family vacation. We had a lot of time to think about our wedding and what took place after the power went out. I think your photographs capture it all. Everyone did rise to the occasion and turned what could have been a disaster into something beautiful and heartfelt. Russ and I knew that if we let the power outage affect us, then it would have affected our guests as well. We put all our negative thoughts aside and took into consideration what our guests were really there for.
I remember you coming up to me and saying that it was one of the best weddings you had ever been to. I could really tell you meant that by your enthusiasm to capture every moment of our "special" day. Thank you so much for your amazing gift of photography. We will cherish those photos and share our stories from July 19, 2008 for many years to come!

Kudos to mary beth from video network and the Primetime band for their amazing services.

Nina and Russ

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