Thursday, July 24, 2008

Me and My Shadow

There is no bigger thrill in the world than for your son to want to be just like you. I got to take my little buddy fly fishing again this past weekend. I made him a custom pair of wading shoes out of converse sneakers and thick felt since they don't make wading shoes that small. He looks like a high top wearing wrinkle puppy when he has his waders on. The straps make a big loop by his shoulders because they're so big. They make a great handle for me to grab when he loses his balance so he doesn't end up floating downstream.

I don't want to leave my daughter Sarah out. She was one of the photographers on this fly fishing outing, along with my wife Sue.

1 comment:

Wayne Images said...

I love these fishing pictures. How did you get the look of the ones in the water fishing? Is that an action set?

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