Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Heaven's Rainbows

Since my Dad passed away in 2001, whenever I see a rainbow I always say "Hi Dad." I feel like he sends them to me. Since Sandi died last November, they have both been sending rainbows by the dozen. I have seen more rainbows this year than ever before. Today though was different.

Back in December I posted about Janie, our little friend from Hamburg who was fighting cancer. Praying for a Miracle
In March, I posted how the doctors couldn't find the cancer anymore, unfortunately, they were wrong. It is with great sadness that I tell you that Janie lost her fight overnight.

The rainbow we saw today was different. Not only did it last for over a half an hour, it was a double rainbow, one very strong and bright and the other soft and faint, standing by it's side. It was as if Sandi were coming down to lead Janie by the hand and show her the way "home".

Sue had a dream the other night. She was at Janie's house and Janie needed help standing. Sandi was there also and was the only one who was able to touch Janie and help her up. In the dream she heard church bells ringing. She went around the corner and saw Janie's mom. Sue said, "She's gone isn't she?", and her mom said yes.


Anonymous said...

This story reflects memories of my own father's death. Just a few days after the death of my father, while all the family was still in town, there was the biggest, brightest rainbow. It seemed to have a start and finish. We all felt my father was letting us know he was ok, that was our sign. Rainbows have a special meaning in my life because of that day.

Caren said...

Stop making me cry! What a sweet entry. And I love the photo of that little girl in the dress, standing in front of her mother, flying like an angel. Lovely.

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