Sunday, July 6, 2008


"One moment you're holding a dripping, sparkling fish, the next you're looking at the water seeing an image of yourself and no one else. For a moment, you know precisely who you are." -Ken Marsh

Over the past few days I've spent a bit of time fly fishing on some beautiful rivers in the Southern Tier. There were moments of solitude where it was just myself and the weary trout rising a few yards in front of me. Whether or not I catch the fish seems to matter less than the time spent reflecting on how I want my life to be and what's important.

Spending time with my kids is a bigger trophy than any trout could offer. However to be able to share my passion of being on the river with my son, teaching him to fly fish is what life is all about.

Since I started fly fishing about six years ago I have always been the student with my friend Daryn as the teacher. The table has turned. I am now the teacher and my son, my cousin and my neighbor are my students. I see the frustrations they experience as they learn to develop their technique. I am reminded of my mistakes and what I learned from them. I don't make those same mistakes anymore, I make new and more interesting ones. It is so satisfying though to share in their successes, to see the excitement and disbelief in their eyes as they and the lone trout before them realize they are connected to the same line.

My neighbor Zach, who just last week caught the largest fish he ever caught on my boat, was with me on one of the rivers this weekend. On Friday, he caught his first ever trout and did it with a fly rod. I could almost see his heart beating out of his chest as he reeled in the small, colorful Rainbow from Cattaraugus Creek.
Here are some photos from our fishing adventures from the past few days.

Cade reeling in a small Rainbow Trout on Elton Creek. He had a little help catching the fish, but reeling it in was enough excitement for him.

Zach's first trout.

Dan casting on McKinstry Creek.

Yours truely with a small Brown trout on Cattaraugus Creek in Arcade, NY.

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