Tuesday, January 9, 2007

New Years Resolutions

With a new year and a clean slate in front of me, it's time to set some goals for the upcoming year, starting with this Blog. I'm new to this whole Blog thing, so it's hard to remember to go into it and add new posts. I have trouble remembering my Blog name and password for that matter. So I hereby resolve to maintain this Blog with more diligence.

Now for the resolutions with some beef.

On the business horizon, I am going to get into high gear with destination weddings. I love shooting weddings and the Finger Lakes region has been a great place to shoot and now it's time to spread my wings and experience the world. My website will soon have a new look with expanded content, including a section devoted to destination weddings. A big thank you to Ellen from Lake Effects web design for putting up with my requests with the website. I recommend her to anyone needing a site. You can visit her at www.lake-effects.net or if you're a professional photographer you can visit www.lakewebsites.com

Personally, my goals are to be a better father and less of a workaholic. I absolutely love being a photographer. I make a living playing and come away with each job with new friends instead of clients. However, as amazing as that is, my kids have to come first. They are the heart beat of my existence.

I would love to hear your resolutions in the comments below.


Gary Steele said...

Resolutions have often been more than I really wanted because my motivation was just to change somthing, rather than change the root belief that caused the "something" in the first place! I make fewer resolutions now, but they come from inside and for good reason, so they are more successful.
Good luck on your's, Steve!

Gary Steele said...

My resolutions fell short until I realized that the reasons or beliefs that caused the behavior needed to be changed. Once I know this and the inner belief changes, the outer behavior changes too.

Good luck on your's, Steve!

Steve Chesler said...

Gary very well put. I like the way you think.

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