Friday, January 19, 2007

Goodbye Mr. O'Mally

I'm a big Grey's Anatomy fan, but last night's episode really hit close to home. George O'Mally's father died in the episode after surgery for Esophageal Cancer. My father passed away from that evil disease in 2001. The episode ended with Dr. Yang talking to George about becoming a member of the Dead Father's Club. She hit the nail on the head saying that you can't relate to being in the club until you're in the club. I hate being in the club! My dad was one of the greatest people to ever live. He is the foundation of who I am today. My business has grown ten times over since his passing in 2001, however it did so based on the philosophy and character he instilled in me, laying the groundwork for my success. I would give it all back though for one more day with him. One more day to take him fly fishing, which I learned how to do after he was gone. One more day to stop for ice cream after spending the day on the boat. One more day for him to meet my son who was born one month after my father died. One more day to say I love you. I Love You Dad.

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Gary Steele said...

How lucky to have your dad's fingerprints all over your life and realize their value; his value. Don't you hope our kids feel the same some day? Dads make a huge difference...YIKES! We enjoy Gray's as well. It seems they write with some purpose as well as to entertain.

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