Thursday, January 25, 2007


I had a mural done at the studio by a young graffiti artist, Tim Piper. I contacted him after reading a newspaper article about him and his graffiti that landed him in a bit of hot water. The article was several years old and Tim has since taken his art form off the streets and to an etrepreneurial level. Here are some photos of Tim's work at the studio.


Gary Steele said...

How can they do THAT with a bug bomb paint can?! I'm a graphic designer and work in commercial graphics and this art form is amazing!

Steve Chesler said...

Hey Gary,
I don't know what a Bug Bomb paint can is, but I agree, Tim is very talented. He used paints, transparent film to do some masking and a very fat markers to detail the outlining.


Gary Steele said...

I just meant a can of spray paint- we just call it a "bug bomb". Still and all, it's amazing what one can do with the tools at hand and how much has to do with the best tool of all, the one between our ears.

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