Friday, March 4, 2011

Snow White

Last Saturday, snuggled tightly between two snow storms, was the wedding of Jerry and Shannon in Rochester. I was at a hockey tournament in Jamestown for Sarah's team when the first snow storm hit on Friday. We were nice and comfortable in the hotel while the rest of her team battled through snowy conditions to get there in time for the game. The Thruway was closed near Hamburg due to numerous accidents, so many of them had to take the longer route down Route 86.
I woke up early Saturday morning to make the trip back to Rochester. By then the roads were acceptable. The wedding went flawlessly. We had a great time shooting at Durand Eastman Park on one of the frozen ponds and then we went down to High Falls before heading east to Shadow Lake.
During the reception the next snow storm began making the perfect setting for the winter wonderland photos Shannon was hoping for.
Right after the reception, I got back in the car and headed straight back to Jamestown for the rest of the tournament. That was not a fun drive. Traveling 119 miles at night in a snow storm is not recommended for the faint of heart.
I arrived in Jamestown at 2:00 a.m. only to be up again at 6:30 for an 8:00 a.m. game. My body is still recovering from the lack of sleep.


Anonymous said...


Shannon said...

Wow Steve... Shan and I are checking in from San Juan and the pictures look AMAZING!!! We can't tell you how much fun we had! Can't wait to see the rest!!

Phillip Allende said...

The lighting on the third image from bottom was great. Was that a light you setup? or a permanent lamp post? nice picture.

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