Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dream Cars

I remember the day my Dad came home with my first car. It was actually his car, but I was 14 and doing the math, by the time he was done with it, I would have my license. It was a 1985 Titanium Grey Buick Regal T-Type with a 200hp turbo engine. It was the twin to the infamous Buick Grand National, only it did not have the GN badge and didn't have to be black. The engine was archaic in today's standards, but back then it was sweet, with the right amount of growl and acceleration to press you into the seat when the turbo kicked in. I eventually did get the car after having to get a certain GPA in school. Then I had to maintain that GPA to keep the car. I missed by .4 of a point. That was a harsh lesson to learn, trading in my keys for an '82 Skylark with with a dented door and steering that would lock half way through a turn. My Dad meant business. In the end, I did get the car back Freshman year of college after buying it from my sister.
I've had a love for cars since I was old enough to crawl on the floor pushing toy cars across the shag carpet, growling vroom vroom as loud as I could, spit and drool flying everywhere like the dog from Turner and Hooch.
That same love of cars is now the driving force (pun intended) behind the next phase of my business as a car photographer. I have added a new gallery on my website devoted to cars and we are launching a line of car calendars, showcasing cars from the 40's with pinup models, 50's with pinup models, 60's and 70's muscle cars, rat rods, Mustangs and more...
A few weeks ago, I went down to Amanda's father Steve's house to photograph his '53 pick up, along with a bunch of his friend's cars. There were cars ranging from the 30's through the late 60's. I shot some of the cars with models, experimenting with different looks and outfits. One of my favorites is with my friend Mariah and a '49 Lincoln Zephyr restored by Marty's Chop Shop in Hall.
We are still looking for cars for our calendars. If you're interested, call us at 585-393-9242.

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buy junk cars said...

cool cars. very classic and the style is pretty awesome. you've got the great shots too.

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