Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stacy and Jim TTD

After much planning, Stacy finally had her long anticipated Trash the Dress Session. Or should I saw TTD Part 1. We're still planning on doing a really cool hockey themed shoot this winter. Yesterday we started the day in Rochester north of the Inner Loop on Clinton. We found some really cool murals up there. We then headed downtown to try and find the old subway tunnel. We found it but were not able to gain access, so we headed over to the Dinosaur BBQ for lunch. The Dinosaur is a Rochester tradition. I've also eaten at the one in Syracuse. Both are very highly recommended.

After lunch we drove down to Dansville to Stony Brook State Park. At the entrance was a sign with the water temperature in the creek. 56 Degrees!!! I'm not a big fan of cold water without my waders. Fortunately for me I brought them. Unfortunately, a downpour occurred while we were on the gorge trail so the cameras got to enjoy my waders instead of me. Once I was in the water, my feet warmed up surprisingly fast. I can't say the same for Stacy who was way more submerged than I was. We had to shoot in short bursts so she wouldn't get hypothermia. She was a true sport agreeing to anything I asked her to do, including leaning in to one of the waterfalls. Can't wait for the next shoot.

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