Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

OK, so it's not exactly my mid-life crisis sports car, but it is pretty cool when it comes to hauling the family from rink to rink. We picked up our brand new, burnt orange Dodge Caravan last Friday, complete with dual DVDs in the back for the kids. As luck would have it, we came out from doing some Christmas shopping and while loading the van, a woman parked next to us, opened her door hard and smashed the side of the van. It was snowing so it took me a minute to find the damage and when I looked up she was gone. She ran in to the store to avoid having to own up to it. Duh, we were standing right there. When she got back to her car, she was greeted by the stores damage control expert and a state trooper. I felt bad for her because she was crying, but all she had to do was stick around and own up to her mistake.

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