Saturday, December 6, 2008

Closing the Book Ends

Ellen and I closed the book ends on a fantastic wedding season today with the wedding of Monica and Rob. When ever I start the wedding season I think of all the weddings I have in front me, and then when it ends, it amazes me how fast it seemed. I can look back and think of some key moments or photos that characterize the season and will stick with me for life. I can also look back at the dozens of friends of have made and marvel at what an amazing career I have to be able to make these new friends on the most special day of their lives. It's just plain cool.

Monica and Rob were married today at St. Mary's in Canandaigua, with the reception in the new room at Bristol Harbour. We went out back on the hill over looking the lake to get some winter scenic shots, but each time we went out, we could only stay for a few minutes before our fingers went numb. It was so cold up there. Nevertheless, I love winter weddings. Congrats Monica and Rob, and thank you for being icing on a great wedding season.

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Anonymous said...

I got married at Bristol Harbour in September. It's such a beautiful place no matter what time of year it is! Love these pictures...and all of the others you have taken at Bristol this season!

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