Friday, July 27, 2007

Mi Familia de Mexico

I just got back from my trip to Mexico City to visit David and Arlette, a couple whose wedding I photographed July 7 here in Rochester. Arlette is from Mexico City so they were having two weddings, one at the Crescent Beach Hotel on July 7 and the other in Mexico City tonight. I have a wedding to shoot here on Saturday so I couldn't stay in Mexico for theirs which is killing me. I want to be there and share the day with them, including the all night party complete with a Mariachi Band. I was fortunate enough to be able to fly down there on Monday and spend three days with them doing some cool photo shoots around the city. My wife Sue and my friend and colleague Brody Wheeler accompanied me. Brody is still down there covering the wedding tonight. I am so jealous.

I got to know Arlette's family at the wedding July 7th. They were so warm and so much fun to be with, I didn't want to leave. We talked about how much fun my trip to Mexico City would be. When we arrived on Monday, it was like coming home to family. David and Arlette are two of the nicest people I have ever met. Arlette's parents Marcello and Marisol were incredibly accomodating, opening up their house to us during our stay. Although there was a slight language barrier with Marcello, there was an incredible connection with him since he reminded me so much of my father.

Over the next few days I will post more from the experience in Mexico. I will start with my new family, then I will post photos from our sessions with Arlette and David as well as photos of the city itself. I will also post photos from the July 7th event as well. I have a wedding tomorrow and a Meet and Greet with Kate Lee and Charlie Daniels at Oswego Fest on Sunday so it may be spaced out between posts.

Our first day in Mexico with Sue, David, Arlette and Arlette's beautiful daughter Ella. She is an amazing five-year-old that is fluent in three languages and a personality that will absolutely melt your heart.

Here is a photo from the first shoot we did in a quaint section of the city at an old cathedral with Ella, Arlette and David.

Ella has a beautiful relationship with her Papa Marcello.

Marcello's mannerisms and his love for his children remind me so much of my father. Here he is with his daughters Arlette and Aline.

Across the street from Marcello and Marisol's house is the home of Eulalio and Letti (far left). Eulalio, a.k.a Lalo, is a world class Matador and one of the most famous athletes in Mexico. We did photos at their home in his trophy room and in the back garden with Arlette and David wearing authentic Mexican bullfighting apparel. Sue and I are on the right.

This trip was a great opportunity for Sue and I to reconnect. We haven't been away together without the kids since they were born. We missed them terribly but got to spend some real quality time together. Here we are in overlooking the central square and cathedral in downtown Mexico City.

Our first day in Mexico we were taught how to drink Tequila the Mexican way, which is to sip it like fine wine with a bite of Lime and salt. It instantly cleared my sinuses.

After lunch, the exhaustion of getting up at 3 a.m. set in.

Here Brody plays with his new friend Ella.

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