Monday, February 26, 2007

Ventosa Bridal Show

I had the honor today of photographing some of the women who were models for the Primadonna Bridals Bridal Show at Ventosa Vineyards in Geneva. The show is always a success due to the hard work of Rita Fullerton ower of Primadonna Bridals. Here are some of the photos we did after the show.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I had the opportunity to shoot the Sabre/Flyer game the other night in Buffalo courtesy of Brody Wheeler. What a blast! Checking takes on a whole new meaning when they hit the glass an inch from your nose. I would give anything to play goal in an NHL game for five minutes.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Model Brides Wanted

We are in need of a few brides for an upcoming article we are doing on a new trend in wedding photography, Post Wedding Bridal fashion shoots. These shoots are that high end trendy look in settings that you wouldn't do during the actual wedding. We are looking for a few brides to dust off their dresses and prepare to have some fun. They do not have to be past Chesler Photography clients. Not happy with the photos you received from your photographer? This is a great opportunity to add some truly unique images to your wedding collection. Contact the studio at 585-393-9242 for more information, or e-mail

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Here's Your Sign

I met with a couple last week for their upcoming wedding. They were both hearing impaired but were able to communicate with me with no problems at all. They mentioned that half of the people attending their wedding have hearing disabilities and wanted to know if I would have a problem handling a situation like that. I told them that I wouldn't have any issues with it. After our meeting concluded, I couldn't help but think how much easier it would be if I knew sign language. The Rochester area has a large population of people with hearing impairments. Whether it's for this wedding or some future circumstance, knowing sign language would be a great asset. I've decided to enroll in a sign language class. I think it will make me a better photographer, business man and a better person in general.

Friday, February 9, 2007

In Memory of Jeter

My daughter's little puppy Jeter passed away last night after struggling for two days to recover from a bite from a bigger dog. He was 5 months old and barely weighed 4 pounds. He was at obedience class when the other dog wanted to play with him and picked Jeter up in his mouth with a little too much force. He was rushed to the vet and undrwent surgery to repair the wounds. He remained at the vet for observation and took a turn for the worse yesterday. His little heart gave out yesterday evening peacefully. I am not a dog fan at all, but this little guy won me over. It was a very difficult night last night for the whole family. Rest in peace little buddy.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Charland engagement

I had a nice engagement session over the weekend with Alicia Convery and Kurt Charland. We did some photos down by the lake despite the 80 below zero wind chills. Here are some images from the session.

Sunday, February 4, 2007


I have added some banner links to the blog of some of my resources for some amazing products. Kevin Kubota has created several sets of Photoshop Actions that shape the look of a lot of my photos. Click on the Kubota Image Tools link on the left and at the bottom to go to his website.
You will also see a link to Kiesel Camera Bags. I met the Kiesel brothers two years ago in Vegas at the tradeshow. Their bags are awesome and very reasonably priced. Many of them are laptop compatible for those of you who bring a laptop to weddings with you. They also have new Hydration Camera Backpacks for those of you who do some hiking or cross country skiing with your cameras. The hydration packs are camera backpacks that also contain a seperate compartment with a water bladder with a tube that connects to the front for easy sipping.
I will have some Kiesel Bags at the FLPPSNY TEP in Batavia on February 13th.
For more information on the TEP visit

Passion - Experience the Exceptional

Friday, February 2, 2007

Lunch time learning

I receive magazines almost daily, from photography magazines and trade publications, to fishing, cars, and catalogs. If you're like me, you have a knee high pile of literature to go through wth all good intentions. There is so much I can learn from each issue of Professional Photographer, Rangefinder, Shutterbug, etc... I love magazines. They offer ten minute snippets of education, insight and inspiration. I have new pact with myself, a new resolution if you're still in the New Year spirit. I am going to use my lunch time as an opportunity to educate myself, while making my wife happy and knocking down the pile. There is so much information out there and I want to take it all in. I feel like a dry sponge hanging above a bucket of water, waiting to soak it all up.

In a little over a month the convention season begins, with a the first stop being the Professional Photographers Society of New York confernce in Niagara Falls, followed by my annual trip to the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International conference in Las Vegas. It is two weeks of pure learning and insane inspiration. Those two events spark my enthusiasm for the coming year like a canon. I come back from those with such a rush it's amazing. That's why I want to do my lunch time learning. I'm becomming addicted to that rush of knowledge and want more than just two weeks a year.

Li'l Bad Ass

Tim created his art, now it's time for me to create mine. Here are a few shots of today's shoot with my son Cade. This was actually a hard shoot because he smiles so much and I wanted that somber 'Bad Ass' look. He just turned 5, so these are his 5 year photos. I wanted to do something different, but my wife always comes up with the good ideas. I guess I'll keep her.

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