Friday, May 21, 2010

Mini Me

We've already posted some cool ideas for Father's Day with the photo Messenger Bags, Dopp Kits, Wallets and Golf Accessory Bags. Click Here for details.

To add to the cool products for Dads, we're also offering "Mini Me" sessions to show how much Dad's little ones admire and look up to him. Now through Father's Day we are booking 20 minute sessions on a white backdrop, with the little ones wearing Dad's clothes, sports gear, etc...
The sessions will include an online gallery of images, an 8x10 print and a set of 8 wallets for $99. Session slots are limited so call now to book your "Mini Me" session.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sleeping with Clients

I generally have a rule about not sleeping with my clients. My wife usually doesn't like it, but this time I made an exception with her approval. I was photographing the cutest little Bulldog puppy, when right in the middle of the shoot, he got up, walked over to me, curled up on my arm and went to sleep. I'm not a dog person, but this little guy stole my heart. He was so cute and wrinkly. At the end of the shoot he peed on my backdrop so I sent him home.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Photo Handbag Sale

We ran a very brief sale before Mother's Day for our custom photo handbags, and wallets. We had quite a few responses, enough to get some cool sample photos to show you the variety. Since it was such a short sale though, we wanted to give you a second chance to get one at a discounted price. They also make great gifts for Dad for Father's Day with men's bags, such as the Messenger Bag, Golf Accessory Bag, Padded Laptop Bag, Wallet and Dopp Kit. We can create these from any previous session or come on in for an updated photo session. There are too many styles to list all the prices so we're just going to offer a 20% discount through the end of May. Prices range from $50-150 depending on the style. Call the studio for details at 585-393-9242.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Help Whip Cancer

A good friend and past bride of mine sent me this e-mail for a fund-raiser she is doing for the American Cancer Society. If you need any kitchen toys you can get them here and help fight breast cancer at the same time. Here is her information:

I am hosting a Help Whip Cancer® Fundraiser Catalog Show!

May is Breast Cancer Awareness month for the Pampered Chef. In conjunction with this, I am sponsoring a Pampered Chef Fundraiser Catalog Show. Up to 25 percent of total Help Whip Cancer Fundraiser Show sales will be contributed to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer awareness and early detection programs. On top of that, The Pampered Chef will donate $1 to the American Cancer Society for every pink Help Whip Cancer® product sold. Pink your day!!!

To place your order now, please select one of the options below.

· Place an order online through my Pampered Chef website. Go to and click on Our Products. Then click on How to Purchase. In the box that asks “Have you been invited to a show?” type in Help Whip Cancer® as the name of the organization or type in “Onderdonk” as the host’s last name.

· E-mail me using this address: and I will take your order, tell you the total and make arrangements for your payment. Then, once the Fundraiser Catalog Show is closed on the 30th of May your order will be placed. About 1 week later your order will arrive at your house and you can begin enjoying your new Pampered Chef purchases.

I will ship things overseas to any country personally! There will be an additional charge for shipping though. I will have your order shipped to me, and then I will ship it to you.

Items ordered by any of the two methods can be shipped directly to your home (for a small surcharge on the usual shipping fee). You can place your orders any time, but the last day to order is Sunday, May 30th. Or simply make a monetary contribution. Please, help us fund early detection services by donating today!

Let’s see if we can raise some funds to Help Whip Cancer®. Every bit helps!!! You can get a great deal and save lives at the same time!

orders are due by May 30th!!!

Gloria D.Onderdonk
Independent Pampered Chef Consultant
(H) 585-223-0345
(C) 585-739-7354

Pork and Beans Photography

Someday, when my daughter joins the photography business, we're going to rename it Pork and Beans Photography. I have been calling her Sarah Bean since she was born and it eventually got shortened to just "Beans". After a while, when ever I would say "Beans", she would reply "Pork" and my nick name was born. Together we are "Pork and Beans".
Last week I photographed the wedding of Karen and Paul, who were married at the Kershaw Park Gazebo with just the two of them, followed by another short ceremony with family at The Wine and Culinary Center. It was a short coverage for me, so I brought Sarah along as an extra set of hands to hold my other camera and an umbrella with the threat of rain. While I was shooting, Sarah took some photos herself and I have to say, I'm quite impressed with her eye. I'm going to post a few photos below and let you decide who shot what. Nice job Beans!

Sunday's Ad

Here is the ad that ran in last Sunday's Daily Messenger. Unfortunately it printed a bit dark. You can print the ad from here and use it for your 50% off session.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fun Website

I got a post card in the mail today from a company called Ink Pixi. They create custom t-shirts with your name on them with predesigned logos. It was so much fun to sit visit their website at and create all sorts of t-shirt designs for me and the kids. I couldn't help but buy some of them. Check it out.

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