Friday, August 31, 2007

Harmonica Beatbox

I love going to other photographer's blogs and websites and check out their great work. I am a regular visitor to Joe Photo's blog at Today on his blog was a You Tube video that had nothing to do with photography but was so amazing I feel compelled to share it with my blog readers. The creativity and artistry that went into this video is awesome. Enjoy!

PPA Loan Collection

I received a letter today informing me that three out of my four blue ribbon prints that I sent to the International Print Competition for the Professional Photographers of America have been selected for publication. Two of the prints will be in the Showcase Collection Book and the image of the bride and groom in front of the graffiti wall, "Urban Breeze", has been selected for the prestigious Loan Collection Book. I'm thrilled to have been selected for such an honor.

Trashing the Dress in Canandaigua Lake

Amanda and I did a Trash the Dress session for Brooke and Bobby on Canandaigua Lake this week. We did their wedding in May with the cool antique cars. The Trash the Dress concept has really taken off the past several months. It's been a blast doing these sessions.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bennett Wedding

Last Saturday we shot the wedding of April and Gerry Bennett. We were up in Webster for a Hawaiian themed wedding. I had the opportunity to shoot with my good friend Daryn Backal of Backal Photography. It was an exciting wedding, complete with a visit from several ambulances when the brides father felt like he was having a heart attack. Fortunately by the end of the night, he was up on the dance floor and all was well.

McClean Wedding

We had a great wedding last Sunday at Belhurst Castle with the new Mr. and Mrs. McClean. What a great couple. They were a lot of fun to work with. Their friends were great too. The dance floor was always packed with some awesome dancers.
I love the way the sky came out in the dock photos, especially using my good friend Lucis Art in Photoshop.

-click here to view and/or purchase the slideshow from the McClean Wedding!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Seniors Portraits with Attitude

We have been using the tag line "Senior Portraits with Attitude" for a while now. We're not just saying it to sound catchy though. We mean it. Check out these photos of Laurel Barnett and tell me they don't rock with attitude. Seniors, it's not too late to have your photos done. We can shoot your headshot up until days before the yearbook deadline and we can do a cool session at anytime of the year, even after the yearbook photo is due. Mention this blog post and get $10 off your session or a free set of 8 wallets when you place your order.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Trashing a Dress or Cleaning It?

Last week Amanda and I went up to Hilton to photograph a cool Trash the Dress session with Tara Siracusa, whose wedding we shot a while back. We did a car wash shoot with her husband Dan's Civic. I should start marketing Clean the Dress sessions since that's what ended up happening. Check it out...

Robbie's Orange Truck

I had the honor of being present Tuesday night at the surprise unveiling of my fathers great friend Rob Shaw's orange truck. He dropped it of last week before flying out to visit his parents in California. And while he was gone my father, Steve, my husband Mark, and Marty(Marty's Chop Shop in Stanley, NY), neighbor Mark Rossini, and Gregg Cator all gathered forces to pull off this grand surprise!

His wife Kate and my mother Sharon had a little to do with the sneeky-ness as well.
Robbie was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago, and he had wanted his truck Hugger Orange just like my fathers. He had dreams, he said "of me and Steve, standing between our orange trucks" Well Robbie, a dream come true.
These 5 guys worked long nights to disassemble, prime, paint, sand, reassemble, and do a bit of minor engine adjustments as well. They were done in less than 7 days. Chip Foose doesn't have anything on these guys!

Congratulations Robbie, enjoy it. It's beautiful!

~Amanda Lee

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Buffalo News

This past Saturday The Buffalo News ran a story on Trash the Dress Sessions that we were a part of. You can view the article at

My photo of Nicole Abatiello on horse back in the snow looked great in the article itself, but they used a clipped version on the website. The clipping was used on the cover of the paper as a break out photo in the Buffalo News header with the original photo running on the cover of section C.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Patrick and Allison E-Session

It's been a crazy busy few weeks of shooting, including an awesome E-Session with Patrick and Allison. We braved the humidity and got some great shots right in downtown Canandaigua. Every side street has it's own unique charm with colorful nooks and crannies around every corner for shooting. Having a beautiful couple to photograph doesn't hurt either.

Wedding Highlights

Over the last several weeks we have done some great weddings. Our travels have taken us to tattoo parlors, run in's with bikers, dark alleys, Syracuse University and more... Here are some highlights from each of those weddings. In each case, the bride and groom have been absolute pleasures to work with. I love my job!

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