Friday, May 18, 2012

Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah

Last weekend I returned to Westchester for Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah. Rich and I have become regulars at Temple Israel in New Rochelle. I drove down to the NYC area a few days early to do an engagement session in Brooklyn and do casual photos of Rebecca and her family the day before her Bat Mitzvah. We did photos at her house and then went down to The Surf Club on Long Island Sound. The venue was still preparing the beachfront for the next day, so we went over to Manor Park in Larchmont. I've been there a few times but I'm always following someone there so I'd never be able to find it on my own. I used to look at maps all the time to find my way. I would take a mental snap shot of the lay of the land and would be able to navigate wherever I needed to go. Now with GPS units and following other drivers, I don't have that same birds eye view in my mind. 

 On Saturday, we photographed Rebecca at the Temple and then headed over to The Surf Club. Pulling in to the club felt like arriving at Caesar's in Las Vegas with a brick lined driveway wrap around a massive fountain. The venue was gorgeous. The party was great, as was another event I get to shoot with my brother. We have so much fun shooting together.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Steve's List 2

After cleaning some more in the shooting room, we came across some seamless paper backdrops that have taking up space for years. Here is what's going if you're interested.
Red Seamless 107" x 50 yds (Yes, 50 yds. It's big and heavy) $25
Yellow Seamless 107" x 50 yds $25
Blueish Grey Seamless 107" x 12 yds $15
Light Blue Seamless 107" x 12 yes $15

I also have some remnant rolls and cores in red, white, brown, black and grey.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Steve's List

After being in business at the same location for thirteen years, we've accumulated a lot of stuff. It's time to do some house cleaning, so I will periodically posting things online that need to go. Think of it as a cyber garage sale studio style. We'll be slowly going through things such as extra frames, props and backdrops we don't use anymore, cameras, lenses and electronics that are not in use, or items that were sent to us incorrectly but still totally useable like a wedding album that's the wrong color. We'll start Steve's List with a collection of baby frames that come mounted on small ceramic pieces. Two are Sleeping Bears, one is a Goose with Balloons and one is a Bear with Balloons. Originally they were $14.99 each so I'll price them at $5 each. These are the only four I have so it's first come first served.

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