Thursday, February 4, 2016

Finger Lakes Photography Center

Over the last year or so the blog has been pretty quiet. As the photography industry continues to evolve, so do my avenues of communication with the business. In the past, the blog was a huge source of communication of the dynamic areas of my business which the static nature of my website just couldn't keep up with. In time, other outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more slowly infiltrated my life leaving the blog in limbo at times.

We've also been very busy over the last year opening and growing the Finger Lakes Photography Center. Located right at our Main Street studio, the Finger Lakes Photography Center consists of a camera consignment shop, photography classes and workshops, studio rental, large format archival printing and an online gallery of images for sale by our member photographers with much more coming soon. We have a Finger Lakes Photography Center Facebook group page which is the hub of activity for our photography community. We also have a website at

With all that's going on, I feel that the blog is ready for a resurrection of sorts as it slows down the flow of information long enough for people to absorb it. The high rate of turn over on other social media sites some times allows critical information to get lost in the shuffle. While I may not be posting here at the same frequency as a few years ago, the blog is alive and well.
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