Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sowing Seeds of Love

On Saturday, Ellen and I photographed the wedding of Sarah and Andy Mussack at Keuka College on Keuka Lake with a reception at Kings Catering. I first worked with Sarah and Andy last year for their engagement shoot which we did at a winery on Seneca Lake and then their hobby farm in Seneca Castle. An amateur gardener myself, I was blown away by the size and quality of the garden they had going in their backyard. This past Spring, Sarah was one of the students at several of my photography classes, so it was like photographing the wedding of old friends more than clients. I joked with them that I would trade photography lessons for gardening lessons. 

 Norton Chapel at Keuka College is an amazing backdrop for a wedding in the Finger Lakes. We were able to get some great shots right behind the chapel out on a dock on Keuka Lake before heading back to Canandaigua for the reception. We were initially going to stop at a spot on Flint Creek in Seneca Castle for some photos, but with the ridiculous amount of rain we've had lately we had to nix those plans due to the high water levels. The river looks more like chocolate milk right now than a quiet rural stream. Congrats Sarah and Andy! You guys are the best.

Love Knechtion

I've been doing so many sports leagues and Bar Mitzvah's lately that we've actually gotten a late start on our wedding season. We dove in with both feet this weekend with two weddings in a row. We started the weekend on Friday with Jennalyn and Brian Knecht, who were married at St. Stephen's in Geneva with a reception at Belhurst Castle. Even though it was about 9,000 degrees in the church, it was nice to be back at a wedding with Father Mull who was recently reassigned to Geneva from St. Mary's in Canandaigua. Father Mull has been a fixture in our community for the last decade, so it was nice to know that I will see him regularly in Geneva. Jennalyn and Brian were great to work with. They took the heat in stride even with Brian wearing a three piece tux that must have been torture. I give him credit, I would have jumped in the lake. Congrats Brian and Jennalyn!

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