Thursday, January 25, 2007


I had a mural done at the studio by a young graffiti artist, Tim Piper. I contacted him after reading a newspaper article about him and his graffiti that landed him in a bit of hot water. The article was several years old and Tim has since taken his art form off the streets and to an etrepreneurial level. Here are some photos of Tim's work at the studio.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Goodbye Mr. O'Mally

I'm a big Grey's Anatomy fan, but last night's episode really hit close to home. George O'Mally's father died in the episode after surgery for Esophageal Cancer. My father passed away from that evil disease in 2001. The episode ended with Dr. Yang talking to George about becoming a member of the Dead Father's Club. She hit the nail on the head saying that you can't relate to being in the club until you're in the club. I hate being in the club! My dad was one of the greatest people to ever live. He is the foundation of who I am today. My business has grown ten times over since his passing in 2001, however it did so based on the philosophy and character he instilled in me, laying the groundwork for my success. I would give it all back though for one more day with him. One more day to take him fly fishing, which I learned how to do after he was gone. One more day to stop for ice cream after spending the day on the boat. One more day for him to meet my son who was born one month after my father died. One more day to say I love you. I Love You Dad.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Is customer service a thing of the past?

Over the past few weeks I have been updating my hockey equipment by purchasing certain items online. I have tried several different online retailers looking for the best price and availability. With three different retailers and three different products, I had difficulties with every purchase. In most cases, the item was advertised on their website but not in stock after I placed the order. The comunication with these companies was very difficult after they had my money. I have come to a conclusion that customer service is all but a distant memory. The internet has made it so easy to shop around for the best price from the comfort of your home that people don't want to pay the higher prices of the local mom and pop stores that were the backbone of the country until 10-15 years ago. Before the internet, people would shop from who they trusted with customer service and knowledge. Now it's all about price. Unfortunately, the internet has also given birth to a new type of business owner. Now anyone can own their own business with very little overhead. You don't need a retail space or stock any inventory. All you need is a computer. Anyone can set up a website that looks like a legitimate online storefront and sell virtually anything and have it drop shipped from the manufacturer. Unfortunately they have no idea what the manufacturers current stock on an item is, but they will gladly take your money first. Many of these e-tailers run their businesses based on volume, where only a certain percentage of satisfied customers is sufficient. Don't get me wrong, there are quite a few retailers who have developed very successful online businesses after having successful retail establishments. BH Photo out of NYC is one that comes to mind as being highly successful at adapting to the internet while maintaining their integrity. When it comes down to it, I would still rather put my money locally with a handshake and a smile, that is if there is anyone left to smile at.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Five Languages of Love

My wife is reading a book called "The Five Love Languages of Children". It's about how to communicate and interact with your children in the way that best makes them feel loved, and with that love comes positive behavior and self respect. We've been trying out different aspects of each of the languages on our kids and so far the results have been enlightening. I took Sarah shopping today for some shirts, not because she asked me to, but just because I wanted to. When it was time to get ready for bed tonight, she did so without a fuss. It may sound like bribary, but it was actually showing one of love languages that she responds to which is "quality time" with me. One of the other love languages is the giving of gifts, but she spoke more about the one-on-one time with me than about the clothes. It's so much more satisfying being friends with my kids than being a parent. I know there is a time for both, but I believewhen parents and their kids are friends, they develope a strong mutual respect for each other that lasts a lifetime.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

New Years Resolutions

With a new year and a clean slate in front of me, it's time to set some goals for the upcoming year, starting with this Blog. I'm new to this whole Blog thing, so it's hard to remember to go into it and add new posts. I have trouble remembering my Blog name and password for that matter. So I hereby resolve to maintain this Blog with more diligence.

Now for the resolutions with some beef.

On the business horizon, I am going to get into high gear with destination weddings. I love shooting weddings and the Finger Lakes region has been a great place to shoot and now it's time to spread my wings and experience the world. My website will soon have a new look with expanded content, including a section devoted to destination weddings. A big thank you to Ellen from Lake Effects web design for putting up with my requests with the website. I recommend her to anyone needing a site. You can visit her at or if you're a professional photographer you can visit

Personally, my goals are to be a better father and less of a workaholic. I absolutely love being a photographer. I make a living playing and come away with each job with new friends instead of clients. However, as amazing as that is, my kids have to come first. They are the heart beat of my existence.

I would love to hear your resolutions in the comments below.
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