Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hover Wedding

We kicked off last weekend with the wedding of Kayleigh and Brett. They were so much fun, playing with a Film Noir feel, complete with fedora hats and a cigar bar. We started the day at Woodcliff in Perinton, then went up to the gorgeous Asbury Church on East Ave. in Rochester. We finished the day with a reception at Shadow Lake. 

 One of our stops included the graffiti wall at Village Gate. It used to be one of my favorite places to shoot until they blocked it off with a fence and razor wire. That doesn't seem to stop the graffiti artists from entering, but I wasn't about to bring a bridal party in to forbidden territory. There was a small section outside the fence though that was just big enough to get some cool shots. 

 After Village Gate, we headed up to High Falls in Rochester for some great shots around the old flour mills before making our way to Shadow Lake. We had a great time with Kayleigh and Brett, as well as with Andrew from Paper Moon Productions who was doing the video.

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