Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Playing with Lightning

When I was little, I remember calling for my Mom during night time thunderstorms to bring me in to her bedroom. She would come running in and then guide me back to her room with her hands over my eyes so I couldn't see the lightning. I would sleep on the floor next to her bed on the closet side, safe in my little cocoon. 

 Now, three and a half decades later, I am the protector during the storms as my son flies down the stairs literally, I think he may only touch two or three of them, as he sprints to my bedroom to hide. He loves storms, tracking them on the radar and watching weather shows, that is until they hit us. 

 With today's temperatures soaring in to the upper 90's, it was only a matter of time before the storms fired up. A beautiful line of storms developed along the shore of Lake Ontario 30 miles to the north, treating to us to an evening of star lit skies and a natural fireworks show. I did what any sane person would and grabbed a big metal tripod and headed out to an open field. Cade came with me, but watched from the safety of the car, claiming it was the mosquitos keeping him in there. Unfortunately, the storms collapsed before reaching Canandaigua, offering no relief to our painfully dry summer.

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