Monday, June 18, 2012

Tarek and Pam

The expression "The calm before the storm" has never been more relevant this year for the upcoming wedding season. This years wedding season is starting at a slow, steady pace, that is until June 30 when the first of five weddings in nine days takes place. I'm not complaining, more like stretching my muscles before a triathlon. 

Last weekend I photographed the wedding of Pam and Tarek at Belhurst Castle. The wedding was awesome on the back lawn of Belhurst even with the threat of rain looming all day. I think the menacing looking clouds give a cool look to the dock photos, so as long as we don't get wet, I don't mind the drama. The bride usually feels differently though and could do without it.

Pam and Tarek's reveal was awesome. I had Tarek face away from the castle in to the woods as Pam approached him. Until then, he could only dream of what she would look like on their wedding day. He was about to find out and his nerves were clearly visible. You could feel the elation as he turned around and set his eyes on his soon to be wife. It was one of the greatest reveals I've witnessed so far. Congratulations Tarek and Pam.

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