Thursday, June 28, 2012

Continuing Education

I remember shooting my first wedding many moons ago. I was so scared to screw up that I got it out of the way the moment I picked up the camera. Back then I was shooting medium format, you know, the big box camera with the hand crank to advance the film and the huge potato masher flash mounted on a bracket. It looked like a contraption out of an old B movie of the future. The neat thing with medium format was that I could put a dark slide in to cover the film and change the film back mid roll. With the dark slide in place, the camera doesn't function. So I go in to this wedding with my shiny new camera, hold it up to take a photo of the groom and his father and nothing happens. The look of panic on my face must have been evident enough for the father to comment that "someone looks nervous." I can't emphasize enough how much that didn't help. After a minute or to of cold sweats, I finally realized that the dark slide was still inserted. The rest of the day went off without a hitch.

 I look back on the "old days" of film and dark rooms with fondness. I even browsed eBay and Craig's List the other day to take a walk down memory lane with my old equipment. I could probably buy back everything I've ever owned film wise, which cost thousands back then, for under $300 now. 

 The photography industry has changed so dramatically since I started it's mind boggling. It changes dramatically every year, so to look back 10-15 years is amazing. With things changing so fast, I always have to keep up my education with seminars, magazines and DVDs. One of my favorite educational tools is my PhotoVision DVD subscription. 

 What do I love about PhotoVision? Simple. I get to see other photographers in action and learn how they do it from my couch. If I want a refresher on posing, I can pop the DVD in and rewatch the segment. (They started streaming segments this year, so you can even choose to watch them on your phone.) I get over 20 hours of education for only $49 and I think it's the best value for photographic education out there. 

 There are times when I can't make conferences or seminars because I have client sessions, so PhotoVision is my way to get quality photographic education when I want it. I love getting my DVDs in the mail every other month and seeing what other photographers are doing. 

 PhotoVision has a special going on right now for new subscribers. Use this link: and the code PVFAN to save $150 off the regular price. (Only $49 for your choice of 6 DVDs or streaming HD segments.) 

 OK, so the last few paragraphs were a sales pitch for PhotoVision, but it's all true. I've learned so much from my subscription that's it's worth every penny. I highly recommend it for any level photographer.

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