Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Steve's List

After being in business at the same location for thirteen years, we've accumulated a lot of stuff. It's time to do some house cleaning, so I will periodically posting things online that need to go. Think of it as a cyber garage sale studio style. We'll be slowly going through things such as extra frames, props and backdrops we don't use anymore, cameras, lenses and electronics that are not in use, or items that were sent to us incorrectly but still totally useable like a wedding album that's the wrong color. We'll start Steve's List with a collection of baby frames that come mounted on small ceramic pieces. Two are Sleeping Bears, one is a Goose with Balloons and one is a Bear with Balloons. Originally they were $14.99 each so I'll price them at $5 each. These are the only four I have so it's first come first served.

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