Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Huh, Go Figure. It Rained.

Back in April, I did an e-session for Amanda and Jason, and as has been the case almost every day for the last two months, it was raining. I keep trying to remind myself of the days not too long ago when my backyard was dry and crunchy. I would watch the radar every day, praying for a mere sprinkle.

Now those days are an ancient memory, with my backyard under water and my usual fly fishing haunts raging torrents of chocolate milk. Even my boat, which is supposed to be right at home in a million gallons of water, can't be used because there is so much debris floating in the lake from the run off that I'm scared to use it. As my mom always says, "...and this too shall pass."

In the spirit of the never ending rain, here are some photos from their session in the rain.

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