Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Steps

To walk to China, you first have to step out your front door. Sometimes, while taking that first step, you may not even know you're own your way to China. However one thing is for sure, with out that first step, you're not going anywhere.

Earlier today, I picked up the mail at the studio and looked at the cover of the new Professional Photographer magazine from PPA. The issue is devoted to the art of the family portrait and on the cover is an image of a family on a couch in a field of wild flowers. Every Spring, our little corner of the world is either blessed or cursed with an amazing amount of dandelions. In an open field, one million dandelions looks like a golden fairy tale landscape, however, in my back yard just 100 of them ruins my weekend and causes back spasms.

I posted on Facebook "Wanted: Cool couch, field of dandelions, and a family to photograph on the cool couch in the field of dandelions." Who knew I would get such a response? I had offers for families, couches, suggestions on cool fields to use and even suggestions on cool fields at other times of year with different flowers. It was then that the thought occurred to me to do a series of photos of different couches, different fields and different families. What started out as a small trip down to the mailbox, turned in to an explosion of inspiration and the start of a long term project.
That first step of posting a single idea on Facebook may have started me on a journey way bigger than I could have imagined.

Next stop, Beijing.

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