Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunrise with the Eddies

This past week, while the kids were on Spring Break, we drove down to New Jersey to visit my cousins near Philadelphia and then north to my sister's place in Ocean Grove. We stayed at the Shawmont B&B right on the beach. My sister just had her baby a few months ago so we didn't want to overwhelm her with too many people in the house.
My little nephew is named Edwin Joseph, named after my father. My son, Edwin Cade, is also named after my father. April 23 would have been my dad's 72 birthday. It's hard to believe. I can't picture him that age.
Thursday morning, Cade and I woke up at dawn to go out on the beach and watch the sun rise. Right outside the hotel, on the boardwalk, there is a bench with a plaque in memory of my dad. Cade and I went out, sat on the bench and watched the sun rise with my dad. It was so comforting to be with my son and spiritually with my dad, the three of us together in such a calm, peaceful moment. It was as if all three of us were really there, even though that never actually happened in this physical reality with my dad passing a month before Cade was born.
I really felt like there were three of us there. Who knows, with my dad passing before Cade was born, maybe Cade is my dad.

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