Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Staying positive is something I try to live by. I honestly feel that positive thinking leads to positive things in life. For those of you that read "The Secret", it's the ultimate philosophy of the Law of Attraction. What you set your mind to, whether positive or negative will ultimately manifest itself. One of the strongest factors in focusing on the positive things you want in your life is gratitude. Being thankful for the things you have as well as the things you strive for puts you in the mind set to attain your goals. I found a new app for the iPhone called Gratitude Rock, which is a gratitude notebook to help me focus on the things I am grateful to have in my life. I write down five things I'm grateful for each day, plus one thing that I visualize being grateful for that I want, acting as if I already have it. This is not strictly a selfish monetary thing. I'm writing about all the things that touch my life, my wife and kids, friends and family, as well as many other things I discover as I explore keeping this type of journal. I'm excited to see where this takes me.

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