Sunday, August 10, 2008

Keri and Mike

Love. It's what we all hope to have in our lives. It's what drives tens of thousands of couples to get married each year. We witness it weekly during the wedding season and strive to capture the essence of it between the bride and groom with our cameras. Occasionally, we get treated with a bride and groom that are not only in love, but so excited to be in love that they can't contain themselves. Today was such a day with Keri and Mike in Rochester. We spent much of the afternoon at various historic locations throughout the downtown area before the ceremony at Chapel Hill. When the officiant pronounced them husband and wife, Keri was literally bouncing with excitement, anticipating the permission to "kiss the bride". The emotion was bursting between the two of them with sobs of joy as they embraced so tight I thought they would pop. Congratulations Keri and Mike. As John said during his best man speech, the two of you define perfection as a couple. I wish you a lifetime of bouncing with excitement.

I am very proud of my amazing group of photographers that work with me and on our second team. I shot with Karen today, who has been shooting a lot with Ellen on our second team. I was very impressed with the way her vision has evolved over the last few months. Here are some of her images from today. Nice job Karen!

Just to keep the record intact, on the way home the sky was alive with a brilliant lightning show. There was also a huge rainbow over downtown but our windows were facing the wrong direction to see it. I saw it on the news when I got home. We were looking at the sunset through the rain, so I knew it was behind us somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Pics came out freekin great ! .. i dont see any of the hot bald guy though .. oh wait, that's me. Love you guys !!

comedylaura said...

Keri- you look so radiant & Mike your so handsome- the pics are beautiful & looks like you had a lot of fun too-what a great day!!
much love
cousin laura

Andie said...

Wish we could have been there... Lovely photos, lovely day! Miss you guys... meet you in Vegas soon?!?!?!?

mmi11er said...

Steve and Karen- You two did such a great job! It was fun working with you!. Keri and I are so excited to see all the pictures. We keep going through the ones you have posted (such a tease!) and your unique perspective is exactly what we wanted.

mmi11er said...

Steve and Karen- You two did such a nice job! We really enjoyed having you capture our wedding. Keri and I cannot wait to see all the pictures! We keep checking out the ones you posted on your blog (what a tease!). Your unique perspective and style was exactly what we were looking for!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Amazing wedding pictures. Great creativity. What a great looking couple with such glowing energy. I love you both. -Greg G.

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