Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tampa Bound

We made it. We're in Tampa for the PPA National Conference. I thought we made a detour though and landed on an aircraft carrier as harsh as the landing was. Nevertheless, we're here in our overrated 2 star hotel with the convenience of live adult entertainment right across the street. Ah, the power of the Internet to allow you to book a room in a place that can be made very pleasing looking with creative camera angles. It's just for one night though since we flew in late and needed a quick option near the airport to get the kids to bed. Tomorrow it's off to Busch Gardens before the conference starts on Sunday.

In the airport we had the chance to watch the Inside Edition story in the bar near the gate. It was cool, but I couldn't give it my full attention since we were about to board the plane.

On the plane I began reading the book "The Secret". I'm only a third of the way through it, but I'm a firm believer in positive thinking and the ability to choose your life's path with that approach. I can already recommend the book, especially if you're someone who has a tendency to find the negative side of things. Ironic how I read that as I'm being harsh about our stellar accommodations this evening. The positive side is that it's not 4 degrees out and our luggage made it to our destination with us. After all, I am down here to receive a Photographer of the Year award, so how bad could it be.

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