Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Favorite Places

I love where I live. Canandaigua is one of the greatest places in the world to live, raise a family and run a business. As great as it is though, it's always nice to get away and experience something different every so often. There are a few places that I'm particularly fond of though, that if you find yourself near them, it's worth the extra mile to pay a visit. My top ten list of favorite places other than Canandaigua are:

10. Sanibel Island, Florida

9. Key West, Florida

8. Las Vegas, Nevada and the Valley of Fire

7. Alexandria Bay, New York in the Thousand Islands

6. Ocean Grove, New Jersey

5. Bolton Landing, New York on Lake George

4. Great Barrington, Massachusetts

3. Montauk Point, Long Island, NY

2. Townsend, Tennessee

1. Cade's Cove, Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee

I'm sure as I explore more my list will evolve. There is so much I haven't seen and so many favorite places yet to be discovered. Here are a few photos from my trip down to Ocean Grove last week.


Rich said...

Yep. You made me tear up again. You write and think beautifully. Don't even get me started on your photos.

I love you Steven, and Sue, and the kids, and that mighty mouse of a dog. I WILL see much more of you this year. That's a heart-promise.

xoxoxo ~ Richie

chickenlittle63 said...

You just made me cry, too, you bugger! Caren

mom said... long as the whole family is crying, add me to the list. My heart swells with joy when I hear that you are getting together. That's what families are for. Love, respect, kindness, sharing, caring and I could go on and on....
Love you all,
Mom oxoxoxo

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