Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday Spirit

I received a great e-mail from my Mom the other day. It's nice to see there is still good in the world and even better that it came from my Mom.

"Today started out like every other day....boring....Jimmy was working and I am just so tired of wasting my time in front of the computer playing games and sitting in front of the TV all day. I decided to go out and see the world. I went to TJMaxx, Marshalls and Michaels. When I was coming out of Marshalls and walking to the car this little old lady stopped me to ask me if I knew where the animal shelter was on Boca Rio Road. I said yes and she asked me if I was going past it. I said yes again and then she asked me if I could give her a ride. She had to get a new cat carrier because the one she has doesn't fit under the seat. She reassured me she wouldn't mug me, kill me or rob me. I did a Mitzvah.....I put her wagon in my car and drove her there. The whole way there she told me her life story from soup to nuts and included some of the poems she has written and had published. She was so sweet....we sat and talked for about 15 more minutes and when she got out of the car she wanted to give me some of the poems she wrote. She was going to give them to the animal shelter but instead gave them to me because I was so nice to take her there. The poems are so beautiful. I really felt so good in my heart for being able to help someone......What a great feeling. She just turned 80 years old 2 days ago.....

Love, Mom oxoxoxo"


I never knew how precious life could be

Until God came to me

In moments I could not touch

And showed me how much I really love you

Your caring

And your sharing

Is more than I can bear

It is a blessing only we can share

God keep you in my life forever

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