Thursday, April 12, 2007

Urban Prom

Our new senior portrait sessions and modules are being finalized and will be up online within the next few days. One of the modules is going to be an urban session done in the lesser known places in Canandaigua. We are also doing an "Urban Prom" session where we do unique shots with the prom dress on that will be way different than the elegance of the day of the prom. A few of our past seniors came back in to the studio today to help us by modeling for our new modules. Here is a sampling from the shoot. We are still looking for a few juniors from each school to be ambassadors for us to help spread the word to their classmates. Call us at 585-393-9242 to become an ambassador.


Tim Halberg said...

dude... I LOVE these shots! Specially the blue one!!!

I think we're gonna try and market some senior stuff this year!

Looks sooo fun!

Steve Chesler said...

Thanks Tim. Seniors are fun. They're always up on the latest trends. Keeping up with them keeps me young.


Sofie said...

Awesome shots, beautifully lit. I'm blown away by the one of the red door shots - girl sat on the floor & guy in the red sweater stood by her. Fan-freakin-tastic!

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