Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Little Girl

Down in Florida I did a photo session with my 9-year-old daughter Sarah. It was the second part of her session we started at the studio when she turned 9. The studio photos were our idea and the beach photos were hers. She's growing up so fast. We wanted to give her the freedom to make her own choices and she chose doing photos on the beach. We did them at Deerfield Beach north of Fort Lauderdale. It was some great bonding time. We did her shoot, spent some time on the beach, had a great lunch and of course did some shopping. She's my little sweety peety pumpkin pie. I hope she doesn't mind my calling her that in high school.

1 comment:

Karen said...

I can't believe how much she's grown up!! Be careful, your going to have a little heartbreaker on your hands there Steve!

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