Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bess the Great

For all of my four decades of existence my Grandparents have always been on top of the family pyramid. Even when their parents were alive when I was just a wee grasshopper, my grandparents were still at the top, caring for their aging parents. When my Grandfather passed away back in January, we knew it was only a matter of time before Grandma would follow, dying from a broken heart. Last Friday, my Grandma Bess was reunited with my Grandpa after a 10 month hiatus in their 74+ year marriage.
Their marriage was one for the record books. They were frequently asked the secret to their longevity and healthy marriage and Grandpa would always reply with a sly grin, "Lots of oral sex." It's hard to grieve for the loss of my Grandmother when it coincides with the reuniting of such an amazing legacy of marriage. It's like peanut butter existing without jelly or macaroni existing without cheese. Sure it can happen, but it's just not complete. When Tom Cruise uttered the words, "You complete me," to Rene Zelweigger in Jerry McGuire, he must have been inspired by my Grandparents, because there was never a more complete couple in human history.
Here is a news story that ran in 2009 on their 73rd Anniversary.

One of the big questions that came up the past few days was where to go from here? Who is at the top of the pyramid now. We realized that we are all at the top of our own pyramids now and that's how it's been throughout civilization. When the top of the pyramid falls off, ten new pyramids are created. Our family is different though. Our Grandparents instilled such strong values of family in to each one of us that even though the top came off the pyramid, we're all throwing ropes to each other to keep the base together.

Grandma, you will be missed terribly. Your chicken soup and apple cake will forever warm my heart.

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