Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fair Game

For weeks, all my daughter talked about was going to the Erie County Fair to see the Big Time Rush concert. Nothing could excite me more than standing knee deep among 5,000 screaming girls reminiscent of scenes of the Beatles or Elvis. My wife lucked out and she got the call to chaperon Sarah and two of her friends in to the concert. I on the other hand spent some quality guy time with Cade, who wasted no time in getting as much use out of his unlimited midway ride wrist band as possible. I lost count after 21 rides. Fortunately I only had to go on two of them with him. The rest of the time was spent playing with the Nikon P7000, taking some cool fair photos. It took me while to get acclimated to the capable little camera's controls, but nevertheless, I came away with more than a few keepers.

Watching Cade go on the rides alone brought back memories of when I was young and went on a few rides myself. I always felt self conscious, as if enjoying myself too much while I was alone on a ride was a bad thing. Fortunately, Cade has no issues with it and enjoyed himself thoroughly, even making a few acquaintances along the way that he shared a ride with.

When we rejoined Sue, Sarah and her partners in crime, they were floating a few feet off the ground as if they had just experienced their first kiss.

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