Thursday, June 23, 2011

All in the Family

Several weeks ago I photographed the wedding of Jeff and Lindsey, who is the brother of past wedding clients Stuart and Jackie. A mere two weeks later I had the honor of shooting the wedding of Erin and Harrison. This time it was the other side of Jackie and Stuart's family with Erin being Jackie's cousin. It's really cool seeing some of the same people several weddings in a row.

Erin and Harrison were married at the George Eastman House in Rochester followed by a reception at Cobblestone Creek in Victor. It's kind of ironic to photograph at the Eastman House with a digital camera which essentially put Kodak in it's current state of financial difficulty. If George Eastman could knew that the technology his company invented would eventually lead to it's downfall he would roll over in his grave. The Eastman House is a beautiful place to shoot, split between the historic mansion and the addition which houses the International Museum of Photography.

I used to live at the Eastman House. Well actually I lived in an apartment above what used to be the carriage house for the Eastman House. It was in a beautiful section of the city and the rent was reasonable, however I was just out of college and starving to death. My attempt at independence lasted six months before I moved back home to Long Island with my tail between my legs and my ribs showing. Six months of Ramen Noodles takes a toll on the body.

I met with Erin and Harrison at the Lodge at Woodcliff. I had never been in the bridal suite before. It's a really cool two floor room with amazing views and cool orange walls. Both Erin and Harrison got ready in the same room at separate times. We got some great shots of both of them there.

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