Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

When I met with Ron and Jennifer last month to go over details of their February 19 wedding at Belhurst Castle, what she wanted most were the scenic snow photos that make winter weddings so magical. With this past weeks thaw it seemed like we would have been better off planning a bachelor party with mud wrestling. Jennifer must have slept with her pajamas on inside out and a wooden spoon under her pillow like a kid wishing for a snow day from school. She got her wish.
I woke to a fresh coating of snow along with 50 mph wind gusts. This was hardly the fairy tale winter weather I was hoping for, but snow is better than mud. It took over an hour to make the 25 minute drive to Belhurst. It was snowing harder than it had all season with whiteout conditions making driving treacherous. Nevertheless, we arrived in one piece and believe it or not, a few minutes early.
Things ran a little behind with the weather to allow for guests who may have been held up. The ceremony was held at the Zion Church across the road from Belhurst. After the emotional and humorous ceremony, we were treated to a herd of about 10 deer walking by right outside the church windows.
Once back at Belhurst, we did some outdoor snow photos, although the wind was a factor in limiting the amount of time we had out there. We still ended up with some really cool shots.
In total we probably ended up with about six inches of snow and now we are under a Winter Storm Warning for tomorrow with another half a foot or more expected. Jennifer certainly got her wish and than some.

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