Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dancing with a Lady

I have a few memories from childhood that evoke a calming feeling, like a warm hug. The memories are from when I was 3 or 4 years old and have to do with glowing colors. The first one was when I was sitting around the kitchen table in my old house in East Meadow, Long Island. It was night time and the lights were off. We were playing my new board game of Casper the Friendly Ghost. I don't remember the game, but the game piece was a glow in the dark Casper that at some point in the game would light up when you pressed on it. I remember seeing my siblings faces glowing and laughing as we played. The memory is one of those surreal moments in life that seem like a slow motion movie.
I also remember a TV show from when I was little called Villa Alegre on PBS. I don't remember the TV show at all except for the ending image and theme song. The image was a sunset view of a carnival that evoked that same feeling of a calming glow.
A few weeks I did a photo shoot down by Steamboat Landing and then stayed there for dinner. After dinner, I came outside to an amazing sunset as people were boarding the Canandaigua Lady for an evening cruise. I had time for a few hand held photos before the light faded. The resulting image brought me back to that warm feeling of my child hood. The moment was so surreal and calm I just had to sit and enjoy it. It was also one of those life affirming moments where I just sit back and say, "I live here."

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