Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meghan and Damon

Hot...Sticky...Sultry...Humid...Pea Soup...Muggy...If there was an adjective to describe how uncomfortably hot it was today, it would be all of those combined in to one. Jocelyn and I photographed Meghan and Damon's wedding today at Bristol Harbour Resort. They were praying the rain would hold off and it did for the most part. It rained an hour before the ceremony creating one of the most humid weddings I've ever photographed. Damon was begging me to go inside, not as much in words, but in his look of agony. He was withering away like a stick of butter in a frying pan. I felt bad so I set him free and did a few more photos of just Meghan. They were really good sports to even last as long as they did in the conditions. Meghan even braved the bugs going up her dress to get some shots in the tall grass and wildflowers. It was worth it though. Their photos came out really cool, especially when we went outside later in the evening to photograph them against the backdrop of some blossoming thunderstorms.

The photos below are some of Jocelyns. She's one of our new wedding photographers and did a great job today.

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