Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Help Whip Cancer

A good friend and past bride of mine sent me this e-mail for a fund-raiser she is doing for the American Cancer Society. If you need any kitchen toys you can get them here and help fight breast cancer at the same time. Here is her information:

I am hosting a Help Whip Cancer® Fundraiser Catalog Show!

May is Breast Cancer Awareness month for the Pampered Chef. In conjunction with this, I am sponsoring a Pampered Chef Fundraiser Catalog Show. Up to 25 percent of total Help Whip Cancer Fundraiser Show sales will be contributed to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer awareness and early detection programs. On top of that, The Pampered Chef will donate $1 to the American Cancer Society for every pink Help Whip Cancer® product sold. Pink your day!!!

To place your order now, please select one of the options below.

· Place an order online through my Pampered Chef website. Go to http://www.pamperedchef.biz/finestcookware and click on Our Products. Then click on How to Purchase. In the box that asks “Have you been invited to a show?” type in Help Whip Cancer® as the name of the organization or type in “Onderdonk” as the host’s last name.

· E-mail me using this address: gloriaonderdonk@hotmail.com and I will take your order, tell you the total and make arrangements for your payment. Then, once the Fundraiser Catalog Show is closed on the 30th of May your order will be placed. About 1 week later your order will arrive at your house and you can begin enjoying your new Pampered Chef purchases.

I will ship things overseas to any country personally! There will be an additional charge for shipping though. I will have your order shipped to me, and then I will ship it to you.

Items ordered by any of the two methods can be shipped directly to your home (for a small surcharge on the usual shipping fee). You can place your orders any time, but the last day to order is Sunday, May 30th. Or simply make a monetary contribution. Please, help us fund early detection services by donating today!

Let’s see if we can raise some funds to Help Whip Cancer®. Every bit helps!!! You can get a great deal and save lives at the same time!

orders are due by May 30th!!!

Gloria D.Onderdonk
Independent Pampered Chef Consultant
(H) 585-223-0345
(C) 585-739-7354

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