Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rob and Andrea

I love to photograph the weddings of siblings of previous wedding couples. They are already familiar with my style and vision. Yesterday's wedding with Rob and Andrea was one of those. I photographed Andrea's sister Annette's wedding a couple of years earlier.
Last year was the year of thunderstorms and rainbows during weddings. It seemed that nearly every wedding had a storm and a rainbow at some point. Yesterday's weather followed suite with two rounds of storms with torrential downpours that turned the streets of Geneva into rivers of chocolate milk in minutes. At one point, we were at the Chamber of Commerce along the north end of Seneca Lake, doing photos of the bridal party with a Harley Davidson. Looking off to the west, I saw a storm approaching that looked like a scene from the movie Twister. The sky was green with a veil of grey rain plummeting down through the middle. A ribbon of rolling clouds wrapped around the rain like a rope. We made it back to the cars just as the sky ripped open with a tropical like deluge.
Despite the weather, the wedding and reception went off flawlessly. Andrea and Rob are perfect for each other.

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