Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another Soggy One

If it's good luck to rain on your wedding day, this season's brides and grooms are going to be the luckiest ever. The day started out with crystal clear skies for Jason and Sarah in Clifton Springs. There was not a cloud to be found. By the time the ceremony was over, the sky was dark and thunder was rumbling in the distance. We just finished the receiving line when the storm was on us with bolts of lightning striking so close the thunder was ear splitting. Luckily, Sarah and Jason had a room at a beautiful bed and breakfast on Main Street in Clifton Springs, called The Clifton Pearl. We went there with the bridal party to take some photos and then headed over the the Clifton Springs Country Club for the reception.

1 comment:

nur'ain said...

Hai there..^_^

1st time here and the photograph is beautiful!

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