Saturday, March 1, 2008

"Sarah Sing"

My little sweetie peetie pumpkin pie turned 10 today. Double digits, what a milestone. She's already talking about a car. We had an awesome party for her last night at Bristol Harbour. Our good friend Kate Lee performed with her band during the party. The highlight of the night was when Kate Lee debuted her brand new song "Sarah Sing" that she wrote for Sarah. I can't wait for it to be recorded. Sarah smiled from ear to ear all night.

Happy Birthday Sweetie. I Love You. -Dad

Visit Kate Lee's website at


Casey Booth said...

You look awsome, you are so lucky to have a dad that loves you so much and would go this far to make you happy. You have a good birthday.

Your Goalie Now And Forever,

Casey Booth

Anonymous said...

The party was so fabulous and worth the trip up from Florida for one of my favorite granddaughters.
Thank you so much for being one of my little princess'. You are a special young lady and as beautiful as ever.
Love, Mema

Sarah Chesler said...

That was the best party ever. Can't wait for my sweet 16.
Excited to be 13 in 6 months,

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